How to Defeat Powerful, Manipulative People at Work, Home and Social Circles - Spot the Manipulation Before It Destroys You 

One person out of every 25 people is a manipulative socialpaths. These sorts of people can creep right into your life, and snatch you up without you knowing. They can turn on fabricated charm, they can concoct tears like magic, they can emulate "depression", and they can grovel like the best, professional actor. Mad manipulators can drain you of your peace, your self-esteem, and your bank accounts if you are not careful.

If you let your guard down and do not have the ability to recognize these serial manipulators, they will systematically dismantle you piece by piece.

If that person is your parent, your child, or your spouse as well as the parent of your children, what should you do?

This book explores ways to spot master manipulators of all kinds, and provides advice on how to manage every outcome when they cross your path in your social, family, and professional life; as well as tips to keep yourself from becoming their next victim; and how to send them away forever.

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  • Release Date: 2017-12-01