Do you dread what your child will do next, the next phone call from the school or the police?

Do you lie in bed at night feeling sick to your stomach at the thought of another day on the battlefield your home has become!

Did you ever think that parenting would be this hard!

Becs McEwan wrote this book to share with you the system and process she has created and used successfully in curing herself of anxiety, depression and reactive behaviour. As a consultant, she now uses this very effective system with troubled youth and distraught parents in her private clinic as well as contracting to New Zealand's’ largest Intermediate school, the local police and many of the Government agencies, she is known as the ‘Go To’ Behaviour Specialist.

There is a secret, that is unlocking and releasing children and adults from patterns of behaviour that in the past have been considered too hard or impossible to shift.

‘It is so simple; every child should learn this’ – Margaret Murray – Ministry of Education

‘The process is life changing and we will be forever grateful to Becs for showing our son how to deactivate the behaviour patterns’ – Cara Kellet - Midwife

‘Becs showed me how to love my son again’ – Jena Young -Social worker

Inside this book, Becs McEwan shares her own path and the experiences of many of her clients as they shifted patterns of behaviour that had been ruining their quality of life and testing the patience of those around them.

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  • Release Date: 2017-11-20