Traditions and Encounters: A Global Perspective on the Past is now available as an AP edition with NASTA spec binding! Revisions in the text reflect changes to the AP course, and new AP supplements reflect changes in the AP exam.

Traditions and Encounters has a rich history of firsts: the first world history text to take a truly global perspective on the past, the first to emphasize connections among cultures, and the first to combine twin themes with a seven-part framework - making the huge story of world history more manageable.

New features in this edition include:

  • Revised Part and Chapter openers reflect the new themes in AP World History.
  • New AP test bank and testing resources include two complete AP style practice tests available free with the book.
  • New AP Online Learning Center contains a revised AP teacher manual and much more!
  • The Primary Source Investigator Online now includes Document-Based Questions (DBQs). This online database offers hundreds of primary sources such as interactive maps, charts, photos, primary source documents, audio files, and video files with DBQs integrated, contextual information on each source, and thought-provoking questions that show students how historians look at sources.
  • Now, Traditions and Encounters becomes the first truly interactive world history program with Connect History, a new, web-based assignment and assessment platform offering:

  • A fully integrated eBook with powerful tools that help teachers manage assignments and make learning and studying more efficient for students.
  • A groundbreaking questioning diagnostic with a personalized study plan to help students understand chapter content.
  • Engaging interactivities involving maps and primary sources that sharpen students' analytical skills and help them think like historians.
  • Numerous primary sources and a supportive tutorial that teaches students how to read and interpret, as well as how to write a history paper, document sources, and avoid plagiarism.